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Mommy Moss

Mommy Moss is your tender guide through the sensuous world of soft domination. With a caring touch and a nurturing spirit, She specializes in the art of blending sensuality and control. Allow Mommy to create a space where your desires are embraced with warmth, and the merciless dance of dominance becomes a comforting journey. Explore the realms of pleasure and pain together with Her, as She ensures your comfort and satisfaction are at the heart of your connection. 

With Her multifaceted domination style, the versatile Moss wishes to personalize the dungeon experience for each of Her clients. She is ready and willing to nurture your fantasies with a watchful eye and a comforting embrace. 

Mommy Moss is a 5’9” tall, curvy, redhead with curly hair and deep brown eyes to stare into the hidden caverns of your soul. Her wardrobe is diverse, with every style from soft, medieval royalty to gothic enchantress. She values boundaries and consent above all else, and practices “the golden rule” SSC (safe, sane, and consensual) within all scenes. Mommy Moss has experience working with queer and LGBTQIA+ submissives, and is interested in working with submissives of all genders and sexualities.

Some of Mommy Moss’s favorite kinks and fetishes are:

  • Mommy-Little (including ABDL)

  • Pegging and Anal Training

  • Pet Play

  • Panties and Lingerie

  • Praise and Degradation

  • Tease and Denial

  • Feminization, Sissification and Dollification

  • Foot worship of Her size 9 feet

  • CNC

  • Chastity and Keyholding

  • Bondage

  • Impact play

  • Roleplay

If your favorite fetish isn’t listed here, contact Red Door Dungeon to ask if it interests Mommy Moss.

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Mommy Moss
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