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Mistress Minx

Femme Fatale Mistress Minx is ready to test your thresholds for pain. As a sensory enthusiast, her specialty is flogging. She is well-versed in the art of Florentine and eager to work with beginners and pain sluts alike. Whatever your sub space destination calls for, She's ready to push you out to the edge.

She is an enthusiastic role-playing ingenue as well, from pinup style to gothic horror, corporate boss bitch or demented dentist, most requests can be acquiesced. She considers Herself quite the fetishist with a wide range of interests: pantyhose, panties, rubber gloves, sissification, forced oral exploration, spitting, hair pulling, sensory deprivation and humiliation, for illustration.

With a small frame, She is 5'2 and a natural brunette with hazel eyes, but She will easily become the Dominatrix of your dreams with Her wardrobe of costumes and wigs.

Mistress Minx is a traditionally trained Domme, and has spent many years learning as a sub and excelling as a Top. She has been an active member in the community for over a decade and has engaged in BDSM demonstrations and fetish modeling since 2006. She is an advocate of safe, sane and consensual and can't wait to captivate you.

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Mistress Minx
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