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Madam Griselda Venum

Ms. Venum is complicated exemplification of dark and light, yin and yang, birth and death, creation and destruction. 

An Artist & Creatrix of Fantasy and Desire.

Mindfully practicing Holistic Femdom.

Allowing your submissive self to blossom, leading to mind expansion, self-knowledge, & introspection.

A practitioner of RACK/PRICK BDSM. 

Post-baccalaureate educated, trauma-informed, discreet & ethical.

Advanced safety and medical training.

An intellectual & intense high-protocol sadist, Ms. Venum enjoys hunting, teasing, mesmerizing & taunting Her prey. Her favorite scenes involve psychological and sensory play. She is an enigma. Focusing on each of your senses, She balances pain with pleasure. Ms. Venum is a lover of the arts, philosophy and exploring cultural and spiritual practice. She weaves elements of these topics into Her practice and seeks to allow each of her submissives to reach self-actualization through the practice of obedience & discipline. While She stands only five feet tall, Her presence commands the attention as that of a giantess. She is empathetic, caring & ethical but delights in hearing your cries of agony in the dungeon. She seeks purebred submissives who are attentive to Her every need, punctual, polite, obedient & mindful. She believes the male’s place is at the foot of a powerful Woman. The male’s natural responsibility is to protect, serve & provide for Women and the community. There is strength in submission. Ms. Venum enjoys many types of scenes and kinks. If your fantasy is not listed here, contact Red Door Dungeon to ask if it is of interest to Her.


  • Worship - Goddess, Body, Foot, Shoe & Boot

  • Tease & Denial

  • Humiliation/Degradation

  • Spit & Food Play

  • Trampling & Ball Busting

  • CBT

  • CNC

  • Objectification

  • Human Furniture

  • Dollification

  • Feminization

  • Bondage/Containment/Mummification

  • Anal Training/Pegging

  • Pain Training with Meditation Focus

  • Domestic Training

  • Corporal Punishment - caning, flogging, bastinado, open hand, OTK Spanking

  • Whipping 

  • High Protocol Submissive Training

  • Chastity & Keyholding

Medical Fetish

  • Inspection/Exam

  • Nurse Fetish

  • Needle Play

  • Sounding


  • Abduction

  • Torture/Fear Play

  • Pet Play

  • Headmistress/student

  • Boss/secretary

  • Nurse/Patient

  • Husband/wife

  • Blasphemy & Corruption

  • Abandonment

  • Warden/prisoner

  • Gynarchy 

  • Royalty/peasant


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Madam Griselda Venum
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