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Lady Luna

“Making a snuff film is only fun for one of us.”

⁃ Lady Luna 

“Tough as Nails.

Sweet as Cake. 

Smart as a Whip.

Sharp as a Blade.”

⁃ Joseph VX 

Lady Luna. 

Mistress of Dusk. 

She is like nothing you’ve ever experienced, if you should be so lucky and fortunate. 

A tiny force of nature that will elevate you to new heights and experiences. Ancient Beauty form, probing your body and mind, you can not resist Lady Luna.

Lady Luna is a Leo, ageless, 4’11” and beautiful curves everywhere, tattooed, pierced, with colored hair, striking features, a very sharp, seductive, and sinister mind with intense focus, and beautiful size-5 feet to worship and grovel at. 

Experienced in all of your fantasies.

Cower at the feet of this Tiny Terror, your mind is her plaything, she knows your fear. 

Master of the Elements with a penchant for Fire and Electricity.

She is a true Artist in her Craft, a sharp mind, dangerous tongue, eyes that pierce, powerful seductive voice, strong, skilled, tiny hands, and you are hers to use to create a masterpiece of pleasure and pain. You have never known such heights of exhilaration and depths of humiliation. 

Music moves her soul, so expect fresh soundtracks for you to scream in pleasure and pain over as frequently as her hair color changes. 

Nurse Luna is especially credentialed in medical scenarios, needle play, sounding… show the Nurse where it hurts…so she knows where to strike. 

So…what’s your fantasy? Ask Lady Luna anything. Anything you like…and pray she says “yes.”

Also accepting Cuckold sessions with Joseph VX.

Visit Our BOOKING page to schedule.

Lady Luna
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