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'Twas the Night Before XXXmas 2023

Slave shrimp dick has outdone himself once again, with his annual Night Before Christmas perversion. Enjoy.

~Terra 😈

‘Twas the night before XXXmas at Red Door Dungeon,

Santa’s crusty old cock was hard as his bunion.

His session was scheduled as usual with Terra,

Whose beauty still matched a nightfall on the Sierra.



But he would meet a new Domme at this holiday scene,

Mistress Astrea was beautiful, seductive and lean.

She would help take advantage of his submissive demeanor,

And torture his fat ass, man-tits and shrimp-size wiener.



Her sexy long legs went all the way up to Her crotch,

Looking at her soft flesh, his boner rose up a notch.

With angelic face and hypnotic appeal of a demon,

He felt his balls churning with his pent-up semen.


Displayed before these Goddesses, he felt himself blessed,

When Terra broke the silence, saying “Get undressed.”

“When a slave is naked and scared, it always looks cute,

So, toss that dumb hat and lose that silly red suit.”


Santa stood before them trembling in anticipation,

Frightened and excited with an erotic sensation.

Terra smiled and said, “To make this a memorable year,”

We’ve planned something special for this jolly old queer.”


First, they mangled his man boobs with clamps on his nipples,

And the pain shot through his body in lustful ripples.

Then She collared and leashed his balls tight as She could,

His hard-on quickly subsided, as She knew it would.


As he slowly worshipped Their feet with his kisses and tongue,

They laughed as his dick trickled with his slimy pre-cum.

Suddenly They jerked him to his feet by his tethered balls,

And his scream echoed throughout the dungeon walls.



They tied him down to the table lying on his back,

Then just for good measure, Terra slapped his sad sack.

With his dignity gone and the loss of all grace,

He hoped to be smothered by their sweet asses on his face.


While Terra sounded his cock with a stainless-steel rod,

Mistress Astrea displayed Her pleasure with a seductive nod.

They took turns squeezing his tortured old scrotum,

And laughed as he squealed like an old dial-up modem.


Then They released his restraints and pulled him off the table,

Terra said, "Bend over and touch your toes, if you’re still able.”

He mumbled deliriously as they lubed up his shitter,

Making no more sense than a drunken midnight Twitter.


They rubbed in his face a gigantic rubber schlong,

The biggest he’d seen, it was both girthy and long.

Terra said, “This is to prep you for what lies ahead.”

Santa’s fear and shame made him flush the brightest of red.


It entered his rectum slowly, paving its course,

He thought it belonged on an elephant or horse.

As he accustomed his bowels to the mammoth intruder,

He could think of nothing that was naughtier or lewder.


The prodding lasted minutes, but seemed like an hour.

Time always goes slower when you’re losing your flower.

Astrea pumped on, as he became more unsteady,

Terra left the room as if bored with this already.


When Astrea pulled the dildo, Terra returned with slave Matt.

Whose dick swayed as he walked, being so long and so fat.

As the new man tugged his sizable, impressive pole,

It got harder as he aligned it to Santa’s virgin hole.


The Dommes gave the news with pleasure in Their eyes,

That losing his butt-cherry was Santa’s Christmas surprise!

When the horsecock broke the seal of his vestal man-cunt,

Santa lurched forward and let out the greatest grunt.


But Matt hung onto his hips for the fucking action,

He never lost his place, and wouldn’t think of retraction.

Continuing to piston his tool with even more vigor,

Santa’s ass took it all as it seemed to grow bigger.



The happy Mistresses cheered as They grew more amused,

That the two slaves’ privates seemed to become infused.

Matt’s efforts grew greater as his excitement reached its peak,

And he shot his big load into the submissive old freak.


Then Matt pulled out his cock from this ass made of blubber,

And Mistress Terra unsheathed it from the wet, soiled rubber.

Now on his knees with mouth open, Santa was mum,

Terra squeezed the latex sleeve, till it was empty of cum.


“Now swallow it all.” was his Mistress’s command.

He thought it tasted kind of salty; slimy but bland.

His humiliation complete, his shock began to pass,

He suddenly thanked the man for fucking him up the ass.



“Now let’s wash your face,” said his two dominant aunties,

As They straddled his face after removing their panties.

He drank both their piss as it came down in a gush,

The thought of drinking it, made even this old pervert blush.


Covered in cum and piss, as he lie prone on the floor,

Terra suddenly looked bored and pointed to the door.

“We’re done with you now, so get dressed and just leave.”

Santa thought to himself, “This was a great Christmas Eve!”


As he got dressed in his familiar holiday clothes,

The two Dommes laughed as They saw the cum drip from his nose.

He left the dungeon still horny, his butt not as tight,

Steering the sleigh with his pecker, he shouted “This was a great night!”




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