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'Twas the Night Before XXXmas 2022

‘Twas the night before XXXmas, and Santa flew through the sky,

For his annual Red Door scene with a gleam in his eye.

As he frantically raced through the dark twilight matrix,

He didn’t dare be late for his beautiful Dominatrix.

The sleigh dropped into the snow of the white parking space,

With lustful anticipation on his red puffy face.

He knocked at the door and anxiously awaited,

With passion and excitement that couldn’t be abated.

As She opened the passage to the dungeon within

His heart fluttered with lust, love, devotion and chagrin.

To be tortured by Her was his greatest perverse thrill,

While to want Her so badly, knowing he never will.

He gazed upon Her now in Her sexy mesh attire,

His blue balls ached madly with his eros and desire.

Her face so inviting with Her alluring smirk,

Caused his soft, wrinkled old pecker to twitch and to jerk.

She asked, “Have you been a good slave?”, with a knowing grin,

He sheepishly replied, “No, Mistress, I’ve been busy with sin.”

I’ve mis-obeyed Mistress Mrs. Clause and played with myself,

And I’ve fondled all my helpers and buggered an elf.

“Well, you’ll pay for that,” She said with a stern attitude,

“Now get undressed, you’ve caught me in a most vicious mood.”

Then She pulled him by his dick to a St. Andrews cross

And secured his wrists and ankles; She was clearly the boss.

She bound up his balls 'til he groaned loudly in distress.

Then squeezed his little marbles in a testicle press.

While he was screaming, She shoved a ball gag into his mouth,

Then slowly clawed his flabby soft skin from north to south.

She shoved two-inch-long needles into his saggy man tits,

And tightened the press 'til his balls popped like a teen’s zits.

While he suffered his humiliation in pure anguish,

His torturous Goddess moved on; She didn’t languish.

She relentlessly poked at him with a violent wand,

As he frantically strained against his restraints and bonds.

Then with no lube, She drove a dildo up his colon

Faster and harder than Hitler invaded Poland.

She applied the clamps and turned on Her Tens unit tool,

His chest was completely covered with sweat, tears and drool,

In the spirit of irony, She slapped his swollen man-meat,

With a riding crop, to the beat of the Nutcracker suite.

While Her beauty and cruelty could not be disputed,

With the ball gag in place, all his screams were now muted.

She finally relented to all his whining and pleas

And released his bonds as he sagged and dropped to his knees.

He heard Her say, while he lay in a fat, fleshy heap,

“I have a special surprise, you lecherous old creep.”

But in his agony, he heard none of Her sweet voice.

It didn’t really matter since he had no real choice.

He didn’t even look to see that She held in Her hand,

The glowing red-hot steel of Her personal brand.

As the searing hot “T” contacted his soft ass cheek,

His screams drowned out Her voice as She began to speak.

“I own you now and you’ll serve Me with nary a pause,

“And your first act as My slave is to inform Mrs. Clause.

“Show her My branding and confess your obsession

“To your love of My torture, of Me and My possession.”

She watched as he moaned and whimpered and cried,

He couldn’t stop the burning as much as he tried.

She removed Her panties as he felt he might vomit,

So, to ease the stinging, She squatted and pissed on it.

Then he heard the command that he’d waited so long to hear,

He obliged Her “Play with yourself” order with a joyous tear.

He violently stroked 'til he erupted with a loud cheer,

And said, “You’ll get an extra special gift under your tree this year!”

~slave shrimp dick

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