Ms BB Kitty


An interview:

So BB Kitty, huh? That’s a different name.
~BB Kitty is a character that I created in a short story that I penned, perhaps I’ll share it with you some day. BB is short for Ball-Buster.

What are your measurements and physical description, age, etc. ?
~Bite Me. Look at the pictures and quit masturbating to them, will ya? I will say that I’m all natural…giggle, giggle…except for My hair color. you won’t even have ever heard of My chest size if I told you. As for My age, I AM eternally 29. ‘Nuff said.


So how would You describe Yourself?

~I AM a Bitch Goddess. Actually that happens to be one of My nicknames…among others…imagine that. you WILL serve in total submission to My whims. A sadist? Perhaps. Cruel and wicked, most definitely. I AM an insufferable tease. Day in, day, out, My mission is to torment as many men (and sometimes women) with My Sex Kitten playfulness. you’ll love Me AND hate Me all at once. On occasion, I don’t mind a little pampering. After all, how could one not want to worship My body? Save My feet, as I simply detest slobber on My cute little toes. 

What are some of Your interests?
~These are a few of My favorite things:
Tease and denial 
Corporal punishment including OTK's, flogger, paddle, hairbrush, riding crop 
Hand spankings and the light roleplay that may accompany this. 

Other forms of roleplay that I enjoy are: 

Bondage including light rope work 
Food play 
Medical play including exams, sounds and enemas 
Smothering (BB Kitty style) 
Smoking fetishes 

GS (My record is 3 drenchings in an hour)

…LMNOP….??? (Simply my humor. If you don’t get it, that’s ok…giggle, giggle) 

Ms. Kitty, do You strap it on?
~Well, of course I do!!! Happens to be one of My absolute favorite things. I’ve been told that there’s nothing more attractive than a beautiful woman who is wielding a sword of Her own.


What do you wear in sessions?

~I have a fairly extensive wardrobe including leather, PVC and lingerie but typically wear what I feel like on a particular day. I never wear naked. Fuck off.

So tell me something else about Yourself?
~I have a very silky, sexy voice that will drive you crazy.

Tell me why You enjoy being a Domme.
~The power of a woman is undeniable and rather than hide it away, this affords Me the freedom to be the real ME.

End interview. 

My schedule is rather limited and most likely, I will NOT be available for same day sessions for a while. As much notice as you can give Me would be best.


 Call NOW to schedule.